Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well, it's been another busy week, and I find myself stuck in the grind like everyone else, of running here and there and everywhere, running errands and doing the things to maintain my daily family life. How is it possible that I get to the end of the day and I still have a list of things to do? Talk about burning up daylight. I just sat down to take a break after making what seems to be 3 gallons of salsa from a batch of garden fresh tomatoes. Why don't I just buy the ready-made jarred stuff?? I guess it's for the same reason that I just can't bring myself to buy a factory finished piece of furniture from a furniture store. There's no challenge in it for me. I just love finding that piece of furniture, at a thrift store or auction, or CSI (curbside item) that everyone else has looked at and passed over, except me. I see the architecture of the piece, the good bones of it's make, the unusual hardware, and the solid wood casing with dovetailed drawers. I can see past the chipped veneer and the scratched initials on the top, left on it from two owners ago. And darnit, it's only $30.00...what a steal! Then I get a rush. I feel the tremble in my fingers, the hair up on the back of the neck....creativity is stirring in me and I can't wait to get the piece home and figure out how i'm going to reinvent, redesign, and recycle. And what a sense of satisfaction when it's all done. I did it. I did this. I just gave this piece another 30yrs of life. They just don't sell that in a jar.

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