Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh my dear ones. Life is good. With all this warm weather, everyone seems to be sweeping the cobwebs out of their storage spaces and putting precious gems at the curbs. And for that my neighborhood dumpers, i thank you.This is when i'm at my best...Using salvage. And I have picked up more than my fair share of crib parts this spring. Because of regulations and recalls, most cribs cannot be donated. So, they go to landfill. WHAT A CRIME! All that good junk goin to waste. But not here at the Shabby Attic! I'm crib crazy. And so, I say to you, check out the pics below and wELcOmE to My CRiB!! I have a junior bed made from an inverted kitchen table with a crib part for a headboard, a full-size headboard made from an old Jenny Lind crib, an doggie bed, and a cute yellow storage bench...GO GET THEM CRIBS!