Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Art Lessons

If there is one thing I keep learning over and over again, it's that every day is an opportunity to open up a new creative avenue for yourself. And to renew old ones, too. I've taken some time lately to put down the furniture painting brush and pick up my number 2 pencil, and go back to the basics of drawing. And you know what? My sketches are tighter and have more "artistry" than they have ever had before. No one was more caught off guard than me. And I had to wonder why this is. I haven't taken any new art classes in years, haven't been reading any art books or how-to tutorials either. You know what I think it is? The more creative avenues you delve into, the more you paint, or craft, or sculpt, or create something from junk, the more internal artistic layers you build. The trained eye gets better with each new creative venture, coupled with a deeper understanding of composition, light and color. The accumulation of visual knowledge and experienced hands merge on a blank sketchbook page. All of this being unconsciously done, of course, so really I just have to give Life all the credit for it. But, as an aside, today I painted the first piece of furniture I've painted in a week or so...and I think my drawing has really helped my painting. I felt bold and in control of what I was 'bout that?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

workin it

WELL, after coming home from a trip to the local mall, I can see why my business is sluggish. It's sluggish everywhere! And holy cow! what sales they're having. They're practically giving stuff away with clearance sales to beat all clearance sales. And so goes the way of the small business. Guess it's time to slash prices...or is it? You know I look around at my little cottage chic shop, and it dawns on me what a gem my shop is. Great low prices for items that have been refurbished with style...the work is all done for our customers. And if you're on the recession budget, then no one should look any further than our doors for bang for your buck for furniture. Made to last, and remade with style. Nuf said.