Wednesday, August 19, 2009

funny thing today...I was taking a break in the shop, with AJ doing a balancing act on my left knee, when i began thumbing through a rachel ashwell book that I hadn't looked at in quite some time. Off of the page popped a photo of stacks of vintage linens. And i felt the warm fuzzy glow of how much i love them. Do people not realize that in the dark corners of their closets lay a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind pieces of art? Time worn and stained, they still stand the test of time, with their woven handiwork giving a history of a time in our country before texting, internet, and bluetooth. A simpler time when we sat in the quiet of the home and tatted, knitted, and cross stitched to pass the hours away. And what was left behind after the maker of these items had long since passed, was a legacy of the work of careful hands, the sentiment of a monogram or a stitched rose, the beauty of a woven damask table cloth, the value and sturdiness of a good piece of woven cotton. These remaining works will not be replaced once they are gone. So pull them out and show them off! In a room in our store, we have stacks of these wonderful pieces (doilies, runners, table cloths and quilts!) that are brought in by my wonderful vendor, Judy Serrao. She is the finder of these desirable items, and carefully soaks, cleans, and presses each item from hankies and doilies, to large quilts. What a treasure! Looking for a particular kind of linen? She probably has contact us if you want to know about our vintage linens and how to care for them.

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