Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Repurposing Saved my Sanity (and kept me out jail)

Oh...such a strange title I am sure. But oh so true. If any of you out there has been through divorce you will know what I'm speaking of. Particularly if it came as a shock. There are so many days my friends have encouraged me to make peace, forgive, move on, and just get a boyfriend. However, that is not so easy. It is in my nature to make war, not peace. At least once a day since receiving "the papers", I have ideas of bitch slappin smarmy men, and sitting on and shaving the heads of fork-tongued women who are 5'4" and a size 5. One friend recently, even encouraged me to journal. But I am an action girl. I'm 5'9" and of german-italian heritage. A hundred years ago I would've been pulling a plow with a baby under each arm in some field in Bavaria. I need to DO something. I needed furniture therapy. And often. There has been no greater way to heal, than to take a forsaken dresser from a curb, unload it at my shop and beat it into blissful submission with a circular saw and some paint. And from the fruits of whipping furniture into shape, and busting up pallets and making coffee tables, and hoisting neglected and once-forgotten furniture into my truck, has emerged a thriving business in a crap economy. And maybe that's the answer to how to get through the storms of life. Get up, get moving, and get busy at something you love. And you will succeed. And that's the best kind of revenge.