Friday, August 21, 2009

trend follower or trend setter?

I usually sit here at my computer with my four month old son on my knee, never knowing what i'm going to write about. But today, when i asked him for any suggestions, he said, "Aahhh oooh ah ooh ooh ooh." Right. Thanks AJ. That was helpful. And then I looked at the picture on the upper right corner of my blog, and admired the Periwinkle vanity with the trifold mirror. I just love this piece. I love it because it's rustic and vintage, but the color is so so fresh and different. I got this piece at auction and couldn't decide how to paint it. And then I came across some "oops" paint at the local Home Depot. These are the cast off paints that either people don't want, or the sales people make mistakes with when mixing. Oops paints are super cheap, so if you find a gallon of a color that strikes your fancy, you only spend $5 on it, rather than the expensive $15-$25 per gallon. So, I grabbed what looked like two different tones of blue and took them home where they collected dust in my garage for about 3 months. When I carted the vanity home, i couldn't bear to paint another piece in shabby white ( i do a lot of white for my store). Rummaging through my cluttered work room i saw two paint cans peaking out at me, looking abandoned and neglected. Light Bulb moment! With feverish energy I pried those cans open and started painting in the heat of the summer afternoon. Whoosh and swish, I had that piece primed and painted in an hour. and I was in love with Periwinkle. Swooning, sweeping, heavenly periwinkle. It looked so fresh and nothing like i've seen before on a piece of furniture. And I thought, this is a way to be a trendsetter. Playing around with ideas, color, objects, going out on a limb and trying anything with playfulness...never knowing what good things could come of it. I could just worship the home decor mags and copy what's in there (and sometimes I do! I have to admit it!). But I'd rather be a trendsetter, and go out there on the edge and try to get others to come with me...let's have some fun with paint today!

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