Thursday, August 7, 2014

Now on Instagram???

Just yesterday I finally got my account up and rolling with Instagram, because apparently that's where all the cool people hang out, and I like to pretend I'm cool and pretend I know what is going on and what is trendy, so I opened an account. I have absolutely no idea what its all about, even after using it for two days.  I had my coworker show me how it works, and I still don't get it. But that's ok.  It's another tool we are using to get the word out about what we do here at The Shabby Attic. So though I am a reluctant social media person (I've been told i'm good at it, although I still have no idea what i'm doing), I will add it to the list of internet outlets I am staying up to 3am using, to make sure our business is a success. Although in my opinion, nothing beats the old fashioned word of mouth. Even though secretly I wish one of my vids would go viral. So here are my thoughts about Instagram. I am confused by the name, so I came up with what this social sight should really be called:

Instagrammy/Instagramps:   Where old geizers like me try to do social media, but really have to have a ten year old show us how it works. And we are still lost.

Instagrammar:  Trying with frustration to read and decipher screenames, because the English language just got put in a blender. It took me several minutes to figure out that wxyzalphalovr was a friend. Kikilave is my neighbor and I had no idea she even was a Kiki since her name is Mona.

Instacramps: Spasms in your lips from making too many duck faces from individual and group selfies

Instapounds:: Sitting on my arse eating oreos while I post selfies instead of doing my P90x workout.

Instaman:  Another venue for creepy guys I don't know to stalk me. And maybe even some creepy guys I DO know.

Instaglands: This site seems to be  overrun by 14yr olds with raging hormones.

Instapants:     People taking selfies in clothes that don't fit ....too much spandex girls! and pull up those pants boys!

Instaplans:  Planning your vacation around how good your pics at Disney will look in sepia tone.

Instabland: Pics that are posted without using rockin effects that make them look edgy or vintage. Basically, FB pics.


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