Friday, May 2, 2014

BEWARE the pitfalls. And paint buckets.

It has been yet another week of soul searching about my growing business. How can I possibly keep up, what's my next move, why does my store always look crazy (two quarts of paint got tripped over and spilled this week) why isn't my Facebook page more interesting, why do other pages seem to have their crap together and not me????
I had talked today to my stepdaughter about having feelings of jealousy that other business minded people seem to be progressing forward with their businesses in terms of the WOW factor, while I still feel stuck in the stone age. I do not Instagram. I barely Twitter. My website is out of date. I let my Etsy shop shrink. I write hand written receipts and I have a glorified ledger. I am currently not writing a book. I have no scheduled speaking engagements.  But what I concluded at the end of the day is this: I should not look to the right or to the left but focus solely on my own tasks at hand. BEWARE THE PITFALLS of comparing yourself to what other people do!! While it's good to keep an eye on what is trendy, what sells, what new colors are popular, etc, it is dangerous to one's own creativity and growth to look too long over what other's are doing. It's easy to follow trends. But new heights of creativity can only come from doing your own thing. Pinterest is a great example of this "looking" I speak of. While it is great for the occasional look-see, I avoid it for the most part. Because everybody's pin boards start to look alike, and I don't want my stuff to look like everybody else's. I want us to be unique! To do things that nobody has done on the internet. Maybe that makes me not as popular, but at least I know what we create is one-of-a-kind. Just like any flower in the garden, God grows us each in our own unique way, in our own timing, with our own custom-fit goals and achievements. So I will continue to focus on our humble little shop. And see what blossoms out of it.


  1. Karin, I, for one, think your shop is amazing and unique. Your creativity and ability to see beauty in old discarded pieces is a special gift. So you are correct in your quest to do what you do and not compare your gift with any one else. We are all unique and have a gift to give the world. You are a beautiful person and I consider myself blessed to have met you. I will cherish all of the beautiful pieces I have gotten from your shop and will continue to follow your site even though we will be moving out of PA.

    1. Thank you for the beautiful words Nancy!!

  2. Amazing things come out of your shop. It's just you and your assistants doing so much with so little room. There are businesses going out of business because they grew too much too fast maybe. You are unique and a one of a kind business and be thankful that the phone rings and that orders keep coming in. You will make do with the space you have, like you always have. I enjoy seeing what you do.