Thursday, May 20, 2010

my goodness how time does fly. Due to a detour near our shop The Shabby Attic, we have been slammed with yummy customer goodness. Lots of foot traffic! Capitalism rocks my crocks. I love a good detour.
So, i've been busy churning out painted furniture pieces until I believe I may actually have more latex enamel product in my system than actual blood. but it's the price you pay for having a fabulous store.
We are packed to the drop ceiling with new goodies and furniture and so my new goal is to not buy anything new to haul into the shop, but to clean out all my projects, sitting half-done, like ignored stepchildren...strewn all around my house. In the garage are cabinet doors that cry out for creativity. In the basement are beads and old jewelry junk that need repurposing (i'm glueing them to a mannequin looks cooler than it sounds). In the laundry room is an old bassinette that is awaiting transformation into a funky doggie bed. But oh where oh where to get the time? NO NEW ITEMS! that's how i'll get my little abandoned babies of projects done.

I'll post them as I get them completed! I promise!

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