Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, it's been another busy couple of weeks at the store, and here we are on the precipice of Autumn. Already. So I was starting to think about holiday time already (after just one day of crisp cool Fall air) and was on, admiring the handiwork of so many wonderful artisans. I'm amazed daily at the talent that people have. I myself don't consider myself that talented. I get by, I admit, as someone who knows how to do a thing or two with paint and furniture. But sometimes i click on someone's site, and their work blows me away. "Now THAT is talent", is what I say to myself.
I met a woman today who makes clothing accessories out of tooled wool and recycled sweaters. Her work was so creative it made me want to cry. I felt pitifully inept in her presence. I said to myself, "SHE thought outside of the box. SHE invented something original. SHE has a point of view in her work". Have you heard this phrase before? (You have if you are a fan of Project Runway). "POINT OF VIEW". What that means is that your work has a style all it's own, one that reflects who you are as an artist. And if you are lucky, it is a body of work that no one else on the planet has ever thought of or created until now.
And then I remembered, that though this woman had a "point of view" that was individual, so did I. My work DOES stand apart from what others have done. Even when I know that others have done what I have done, and maybe even have done it better, it is still MY individuality, MY sense of personal style, that makes my work unique. And in seeing my work, maybe, just maybe, someone sees what I have done and says, "Now THAT'S talent".

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